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The book written in catalan language The adventures of Ida Pfeiffer. A great traveler and naturalist of the 19th century, was published in February 2023. The work is voluminous, and it was not possible to include it in the publication itself, since its extension had to be limited for commercial reasons and the interest of the reader to follow the plot of the book it could not be interrupted with frequent notes that serve to improve the knowledge of certain passages and allow a better immersion in the time that Pfeiffer lived.     


To compensate for this lack of the printed edition, an annex has been compiled on this web page so that the reader can deepen the knowledge of the character in relation to his life, his travels and the characters he met, all full of anecdotes and curiosities.


The following information is available in the "Ida Pfeiffer (1)" tab:    

  • Explanatory notes (identified in the printed edition with a numbering)

  • Biographical notes of the relevant characters that appear in the work (identified with an asterisk), forty-nine in total, and the library of images with their portraits (forty-five)

  • Timeline of his life and travels

  • List of letters he wrote

  • List of vessels in which he traveled

  • Bibliography of newspaper articles with their web links

  • Complete bibliography of text and images that appear in the printed publication


The "Ida Pfeiffer (2)" tab contains the complete iconography of the traveler, more than seven hundred illustrations in total, with the intention that the reader not only "live" the time of the traveler, but also "see" and enjoy it. Historically, travel books were accompanied by illustrations, but in general they were not very numerous. However, in the case of Ida Pfeiffer's travels, there is a very rich iconography, not only with the illustrations that appear in some of her books, but also in the black and white or color drawings made by other travelers of the time, who traveled on scientific expeditions or in a particular way on routes similar to those made by Pfeiffer.


In this tab "Ida Pfeiffer (2)" all the works are listed, more than fifty,   that have been used to compile these illustrations, and are abbreviated with a three-letter acronym so that the reader can easily identify them. The iconography is made up of the following chapters, which respond to the same as the printed edition. The number of illustrations in each chapter and subchapters (in italics) is indicated between brackets and in bold:


  • Preface and introduction to the journey, with Ida Pfeiffer's portraits of contemporary women travelers and naturalists (23)

  • Portraits and representations of the author (46)

  • childhood and youth (8)

  • Journey to the Holy Land (51)

    • Danube River Tour (4)

    • Constantinople and Rhodes (8)

    • Lebanon, Palestine and Syria (28)

    • Egypt (3)

    • Return to Vienna (8)

  • Travel to Iceland and Scandinavia (103)

    • Vienna to Copenhagen (14)

    • Iceland (55)

    • Scandinavia and return to Vienna (34)

  • First trip around the world (110)

    • From Vienna to Brazil (10)

    • Cape Horn, Valparaiso and Tahiti (14)

    • China (15)

    • Singapore and Ceylon (11)

    • India (25)

    • Mesopotamia and Persia (19)

    • Asiatic Russia and return to Vienna (16)

  • Second trip around the world (101)

    • London(9)

    • Cape Town, Singapore and Borneo (21)

    • Java and Sumatra Islands (15)

    • Banda, Moluccas and Celebes Islands (Sulawesi)(16)

    • United States: California (7)

    • Peru, Ecuador and Panama (7)

    • United States, Canada and Sâo Miguel (26)

  • The last trip: Madagascar (71)

    • Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Paris (13)

    • Mauritius Island (15)

    • The Empire of Imerina and Queen Ranavalona (6)

    • Madagascar (37)

  • Death and legacy of Ida Pfeiffer (185)

    • obituary note (1)

    • ethnographic objects (20)

    • Mammals, birds, fish, arthropods and mollusks of the Indonesian islands (33) and from Madagascar (37)

    • Editions of Ida Pfeiffer's books (34)

    • Library of images of prominent figures in the work that were directly related to the traveler (60)

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