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(early 1840s, DÖW)
Portrait made by Emilie Schmäck (1844)
Lithograph by Adolf Dauthage (1855)
IdaPfeiffer's typical dress for traveling and hunting insects in the Indonesian islands
(Die Wiener Elegant,1856)
Portrait appeared in the French edition of Mon second voyage autour du monde (1857)
Viennese women's fashion
(Die Wiener Elegant,1856)
Portrait appeared in the German magazine Illustrierte Zeitung(1856)
Photographs by Franz Hanfstaengl (Berlin, 1856)
The Illustrated London News
L'Illustration de Paris
The Last Travels of Ida Pfeiffer
Laatse Reis van Ida Pfeiffer naar Madgascar  (1862)
Ida traveling on a steamer on the Danube River and riding with the guide on foot through Norway (DWÖ)
Ida climbing the pyramid of Kheops (engraving by unknown author)
Ida crossing the river and going up to the pyramid of Kheops (engravings by unknown author)
Ida taking notes of her trip (REW, 1844)
Attack of the black slave in Brazil (VAM and DWÖ)
Ida in a cabin with the Puris Indians (VAM
Sailing off Madras (TSI)
Ida playing the piano in Tahiti (wrong location)
Journal of Voyages, 1880)
Ida installed in a caravanserai (VDM)
Audience at the court of the king of Indore (VDM)
Tiger hunting i Pfeiffer with aisar in the bazaar (VAM)
Pfeiffer with aisar in the Persian bazaar i offering water to Ida (VADM)
Ida observing the preparation of ragut and reception of the viceroy of Tauris (VADM)
Bamboo bridge and Pfeiffer crossing it with his butterfly net (MZW 1)
Pfeiffer the Bataks of Sumatran(DWÖ)
En route to Antananarivo in a takon (DWÖ
Reception at the royal palace of Queen Ranavalona (LTM 1861)
"A Learned Traveler" (Wiener Telegraph, 15 set. 1855) 
FIda Pfeiffer's signature
 50 Austrian schilling banknote of the 1995-1997 series
"A Learned Traveler" (Wiener Telegraph, 15 set. 1855)I i Tomb of honor of Ida Pfeiffer in the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna
ExposureCity Light(2008)
Photomontage on the terrace of the Natural History Museum in Vienna (2010) and ExhibitionCity Light(2008)
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