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(MAY 1856 TO JUNE 1858)
The "facilities" of Kaiser Franz Joseph in Kreuzbergle (Klagenfurt)
(Drawing by unknown author, ca. 1856)
View of the Marienplatz, the central square of Munich (SCV)
View of Rotterdam (SCV)
View of a canal in Utrecht (SCV)
Amsterdam Dam Square
(Richard Lovett. Pictures of Holland Drawn with Pen and Pencil, 1887)
Hand colored view of Notre Dameeither
(Drawing by JAcques Alphonse Testard, ca. 1850)
Place de la Concorde with the Luxor obelisk, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe in the background and the Seine river on the right
(Lithograph by unknown author, mid-19th century)
Modern Paris: the Tuileries, the Louvre and rue de Rivoli
(Drawing by Charles Fichot, 1850)
View of the Pantheon
(Drawing by Jules Arnout, 1845)
Boulevard Montmartre in Paris
(Drawing by Brugnot, ca. 1880)
Pere Lachaise Cemetery
(Drawing by Jacques Alphonse Testard, 1837)
L'Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
(Drawing by Gaspard Gobaut, ca. 1852)  
Palace of Versailles (SCV)
View of Saint-Denis from the sea (island of Bourbon or Réunion)
(Drawing by Adolphe d'Hastrel, 1847)
Saint Denis Street (VMD)
View of Port-Louis from the sea (LTM 1861andTSI)
(Left: Drawing by Évremond de Bérard, 1848)
View of Port-Louis from the coast(BAI
Men and women in a house in Mauritius (IGM
(Drawing by Adolphe-Martial Potemont)
Saint-Francçois d'Assise church in the Pamplemousses district (IGM)
(Drawing by Évremond de Bérard, 1848)
"La Grande Rivière Noire", (IGM
(Drawing by Adolphe-Martial Potemont)
"Passage de la Rivière des Remparts"
(Louis-Antoine Roussin. Album de l'île de la Réunion, 1867)
(Drawing by Jean-Joseph Patu de Rosemont)
Left: Wasps of the genussphexhunting grasshoppers (nature, 1894)
Right:Sphex maxillosusintroducing the prey into the nest
(Germaine Boca. Atlas des Hymenopteres of France, Belgium, Susise, 1953)
Peter Booth (left) and Piton de la Rivière noire (LTM 1861)
(Drawings by Évremond de
 Bérard, 1848)
Mountain "Corps de Garde"  (IGM
(Drawing by Évremond de
 Bérard, 1848)
Mountain "La Pouce" (IGM)
(Drawing by Évremond de
 Bérard, 1848)
Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar
(Drawing from a photograph by  Philippe-Auguste Ramanankirahina, 1905)
Malagasy idol (HOM)
Martyrdom of Ampamarinana
(Reverend Arthur Samuel Huckett, ca. 1900)
Martyrdom of Ampamarinana
(Engraving by G. Mondain.  Society of Evangelical Missions, 1929)
"Tanginia veneniflua", current Cerbera manghas (HOM)
Trial by tangena 
(James Sibree.Madagascar et ses habitants, 1873)
Madagascar Baobab,Adansonia sp. (IGM)
(Drawing by Évremond de
 Bérard, 1848)
"Pyramid of Vacoa", Pandanus mericatus
(Drawing by Évremond de 
Bérard, 1848)
"Tree of Travelers",Urania speciosa (TSI)
A look at the Malagasy jungle (VAM)
Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta (IGM)
Viagra palm, Urania speciosa (IGM)
(Drawing by Évremond de
 Bérard, 1848)
Raffia palms (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Évremond de
 Bérard, 1848)
Tamatave from the sea (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Évremond de 
Bérard, 1848)
A street in Tamatave (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Évremond de 
Bérard, 1848)
Two types oftakonfrom Madagascar (TML and SCV
Malagasy types (VMD and TML)
Madame Juliette Fiche (SCV
House of a local chief in Tamatave, present-day Toamasina (IGM)
(Drawing by Évremond de 
Bérard, 1848)
Tour of Madagascar (TVM)
Malagasy landscape (SCV)
Route through the interior of Madagascar (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Évremond de 
Bérard, 1848)
Rice warehouse and columbarium (IGM)
(Drawing by Évremond d
and Berard, 1848)
Sticks for grinding rice (SCV)
Malagasy warrior (SCV)
Widow Malagasy woman (SCV)
Malagasy woman and her son (SCV)
View of Antananarivo in the background (LVD)
Antanarivo with the "Rova" or royal fortress in the center and the rock of Amparinana on the right (Engraving of unknown origin, c. 1850)
Antananarivo (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Évremond de
Bérard, 1848)
Antanarivo with the royal palace in the background
and the cannons donated by the English (TMC)
Queen Ranavalona's Palace (TMC)
The Antananarivo slave market (TMC)
Francois-Joseph Lambert
(Engraving of unknown origin, ca. 1860)
Jean Laborde (TML)
William Ellis
(Portrait of William Gush, ca. 1845).
Prince Rakoto and the royal princess (TVM)
Queen's Spies (SCV)
Reception of Queen Ranavalona at the
missionary William Ellis (TVM)
Reception at Queen Ranavalona's palace with Ida Pfeiffer in the center (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Jules Worms)
Meeting in a hall with a wrestling show (LTM 1861)
(Drawing by Jules Worms)
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