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In this section, Biographica, there are short biographies of various naturalists, scientists, geographers, historians or travelers who appear in my works and for whom I feel great admiration; without your input I would not have written anything.

Most of these characters were highly recognized at the time, they were authors of great value and wise by extension. In the case of the older ones, their opinions and observations, of undeniable erudition, were maintained with fervor and of indisputable form during centuries. Currently, in many cases, they remain in a discreet and unjust oblivion and it has been an honor for me to rescue them and admire their work.

The meaning of these biographies is well understood if we read the passage that Jean-Louis-Marc Alibert, one of the founders of French dermatology, wrote in the introduction to his work Dissertation sur les fièvres pernicieuses ou ataxiques intermittentes, published in 1807: “ I do not doubt that those who come after me will one day add to the facts that I have gathered, as I myself have added to those that I found collected in the works of my predecessors. The sciences are only completed by the collected works of the observers that occur in the duration of the centuries, and it is not given to a single man to fully deepen any point of human knowledge ”.

An important part of these biographies corresponds to those that appear in my book Pasión por los insectos. Illustrators, adventurers and entomologists. These are fifty-one biographies of varying lengths dedicated to fantastic women who devoted themselves to the study of insects. They did so from different perspectives and in difficult times that did not encourage female creativity, quite the contrary. The list of women biographers, ordered by date of birth, can be found at the following link: 




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