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The newspapers and magazines of the time published numerous articles about Ida Pfeiffer's travels and also some news regarding her life or her activities when she returned to Vienna. Most of the articles come from Austrian and German media, but there are also a good number of English and North American articles and, to a lesser extent, French and Dutch.

The following link lists the 101 articles that have been consulted to write the work on Pfeiffer and their associated links (if they exist). They are arranged chronologically and cover the period between January 4, 1846 and April 30, 1892:  




Ida Pfeiffer wrote numerous letters throughout her travels to family, friends, publishers, journalists, and various scientists. However, only fifty-one of those he wrote and none of the letters he would have received in response survive. These preserved letters are transcribed in Gabriele Habinger's work, Ida Pfeiffer. Briefe einer Weltreisenden des 19. Jahrhunderts (Wien, 2008); and in this same work is included the text of the manuscript that Ida wrote to give her lecture on her trip to Sumatra, Reise auf Sumatra zu den Canibalen .


In the following link, all the preserved letters are listed, adding the day, month and year in which they were written, from where they were written and who was the recipient:

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