Ida Pfeiffer will navigate the rivers, llacs, seas and oceans of all the world and will sail in all possible ways: brigantines, sailboats, sloops, packet boats, schooners, canons and steamboats for long hauls; i in boats, joncs, sampans, praos i canoes pels més curts. The total of their trips will cover one more than two years, of which they will spend a little more than three on board, about one thousand hundred days in total.


Ida bid for more than a hundred forty boats, preferably steamboats (more than a hundred) and also sailboats (a twenty). According to her mateixa, agafava els velers degut that the passatge price was more economical; but it is also due to the fact that many little commercial routes are not facing coverage by vapors, a transport mitigation that nomé feia vint anys that existed when Ida began her voyages. In the following quadre, it is related to the longest trips that will take place on sailboats and the duration of the materials.





In contrast to these voyages on sailboats, the voyages on steamships greatly reduce the travel time, and for example from Alexandria to Valletta will be trigar vuit dies; deu dies from Singapore to Galla (Ceylon); fifteen days from Bombai to Buixehr (Iran, south-west of the Pèrsic Golf); fourteen days from San Francisco to Panama; two days from New York to Liverpool or three days from Ciutat del Cap to Saint-Denis (illa de Bourbon).   

The complete list of boats that she caught, the nationality and name of the captain, the dates of the trip, the route and the type of passatge (paid or free), is found in the following link: