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Horse-drawn bus (Wiener Bilder, ca. 1840)
The Semperoper from Dresden
(Photograph by Friedrich and Ottilie Brockmann, ca. 1860)
German post carriage (Photograph by H. Nieting, ca. 1850)
Inauguration of the line between Nuremberg and Fürth with the
steam locomotiveAdler(Engraving of unknown origin, ca. 1835)
Cartoon of the Leipzig-Dreden-Berlin line
(Robert Krause.Friedeich Gift und die erste grosse Eisensbahn Deutschlands, 1887)
View of Prague (Vilém Kandler, 1850)
Hamburg and the Elbe river before the fire (VSL)
Copenhagen Harbor (VSL)
Stock Exchange Building and Christianborg Palace in Copenhagen (VSL)
Hamburg Stock Exchange Building (VSL)
Amalienborg Square (Louis-August le Clerc, 1766)
Copenhagen seen from Frederiksberg Palace (VIS)
Frederiksberg Palace and its interior (VSL)
Map of Iceland (LSI)
Havenfiord (TII)
Reykjavik Harbor (TSIP)
Reykjavik Harbor (VIG)
View of Reykjavik (TLT)
Reykjavik main street (VIG)
Reykjavik Church (TLT)
Governor's House (TLT)
Fisherman's House (VIG)
Fisherman's house with the fish drying outside the hut (TII)
Interior of a cabin with the fish drying (TLT)
Inland Icelanders gathering at a fair (VIG)
Icelandic woman and girl (LSI)
Typical Icelandic dresses (TII)
Icelanders affected by leprosy (VIG)
HelangspilIcelandic (pedal zither) (TII)
Salmon fishing (VIG left andTSIP right)
Viðey Island  i the éiders in the water (VIG)
The common eider (mollissima somateria)
(Wilhelm and Magnus von Wright.
Svenska Fåglar After Nature, 1924-1929)
Icelandic pantà (TLT)
Entrance to Krysuvik (TII)
Icelandic houses (TLT)
sulfurous mountain (TII)
Boiling clay cauldron in the sulfur mountains (TII)
The Thingvellir valley and the Öxará river (VIG)
Lava mounds on the way from Thingvellir to Reykjavik (VIG)
lava fields (TLT)
Descent through the riscal and entry into the Almannagjá canyon (VIG andTLT)
The Almannagjá canyon and the waterfall (TLT)
Thingvellir and the Almannajgá canyon behind (TLT)
Thingvellir Church (TLT)
Surtshellir's Cavern and its interior (VIG)
Empty crater of the great Geysir after an eruption  (JTI)
Surtshellir's cavern with piercing light (VIG)
Map of the Haukadal geothermal area (TII)
Strokkur Geyser Eruptions (TLTandVIG)
Eruptions of the great Geysir (VIS,VIGand JTI)
Eruption of the great Geysir and Strokkur (VIG)
Crossing a river by boat and the horses swimming  (VIG)
Shepherd's House (TLT)
Interior of a farmer's cabin (VIG)
Farm in Skálholt (VIG)
Church in Skálholt (VIG)
Riding towards the Hekla volcano (VIS)
Salsund Huts (VIG)
Route from Salsund to Mount Hekla (VIG)
View of the Hekla volcano from Salsund (VIG)
The smoking Hekla volcano (TSIP)
Christiania Harbor (Oslo) from the sea (TLT)
Christiania seen from land (VIS)
Another view of Christiania and the citadel (VSL)
Typical Norwegian carriage (TLT)
post station (TLT)
Norwegian landscape (TLT)
Norwegian farm (TLT)
Rest in a hostel in Telemark (VDF)
Norwegian peasant family (TLT)
Trollhättan Locks from the bottom (VSL)
The great waterfall of Trollhättan (VIS and VSL)
Trollhättan Locks from above (VSL)
Karlsborg (engraving by unknown author, ca. 1865)
Sepulchral chapel of the Vreta Monastery (VSL)
Motala (Olof Sorling, 1872)
View of the port of Stockholm (VIS)
Views of Stockholm from Lake Mälaren (VSL)
Riddarholms Church and the bust of King Gustav Vasa (VSL)
Stockholm Royal Palace (VSL)
Griphsolm Castle (VSL)
Johan III's prison in Chipsholm Castle (VSL)
Uppsala Cathedral (VSL)
Mausoleum of King Gustav V in Uppsala Cathedral (VSL)
Bust of Carl Linné.
(Jacques-Reyne-Isidore Acarie-Boron.Dictionnaire Pittoresque d'Histoire Naturelle, 1836-1839)
Dannemora Mine (VIS)
The great opening of the Dannemora mine (VSL)
Cube to trace the miners (VSL)
Berlin Cathedral (engraving by Karl Strahlheim, 1833)
Brandenburg Gate (Karl Loeillot, ca. 1850)
Berlin from a bird's eye view (engraving by G. Heisinger (1850)
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