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Agathàmer. Geographia (in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Amià Marcel·lí. stories

Apià. Roman history


Apol·loni de Rodes. The Argonáuticas


Aristotle. History of animals


Arrià de Nicomèdia. Anabasis of Alexander the Great


Arrià de Nicomèdia. Periplo del Ponto Euxino (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature" and in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Arrià de Nicomèdia. Indica (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature" and in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Artemidor d'Èfes. Geographia (in Estrabó)


Avié. Description of the terrestrial orb


Avié. Paraphrasis (in "Geographi Grecos Minores")







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Claudio Tolomeo. The Geography (Giero. Ruscelli, 1574)


Claudio Tolomeo. Geography (Giovanni Antonio Magini, 1598)




Claudi Elià. History of animals


Claudi Rutili Numanci. Junior Latino Geographers




Ctèsies de Cnide. About India  (in "Travel Stories of Ancient Greek Literature)





Dicearc. Periegesis (in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Diodor of Sicily. Historical Library


Dion Almost. Roman history


Dionis d'Halicarnàs. Ancient History of Rome


Dionysius Periegetes. Description of the inhabited Earth (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature and in" Geographi Grecos Minores ")





Eratosthenes of Cyrene (in the Strabo work)


Eratostenes of Cyrene. Mythology of the firmament


Escilax of Carianda. Periplus (in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Strabo. Geography





Filatova, Lyudmila L. Ptolemy's West Africa Reconstructed


Flavi Josef. Jewish war





García Monreno, Luis A. / Gomez Espelosin, Francisco Javier. Travel Stories from Ancient Greek Literature (2001)






Hanno. Periplo (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature" and in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Herodià. History of the Roman Empire after Marcus Aurelius


Herodot. History


Hesiode. Jobs and days


Hipparch of Nicea. Against the geography of Eratosthenes (in Estrabó)


Homer. Iliad


Homer. Odyssey





Xenophont. Hellenic


Xenophont. Ciropedia



Juli Cèsar. Comments on the civil war










Laurent, Peter Edmund. An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Geography (1830)








Marcià d'Heraclea. Periplo de Menippus Pergameno (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature" and in "Geographi Grecos Minores")


Marcià d'Heraclea. Periplus of the outer, eastern and western Sea (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature and in" Geographi Grecos Minores ")


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Parish, Elijah. Sacred Geography or a Gazeteer of the Bible (1813)


Pausànies. Description of Greece


Plini the Vell. Natural History



Plutarc. Moral and moral works


Plutarc. Parallel lives


Polibi. stories


Pomponi Mela. Chorography



Posidoni d'Apamea (in the work of Strabo)


Pseudo Callisthenes. Life and Deeds of Alexander of Macedon


Pseude Scylax. Periplus (in "Travel stories of ancient Greek literature)


Pytheas of Massàlia. On the Ocean (in Plini i Estrabó)












Soline. Collection of memorable facts


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Tàcit. Annals


Tàcit. stories


Tit Livi. Periocas


Tit Livi. The origins of Rome


Thucydides. History of war





Valeri Màxim. Memorable Facts and Sayings





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Zosim. New history

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