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In this apartat, Biographica, there are short biographies of various naturalists, scientists, geographers, historians or travelers that appear in the meus treballs i pels that I felt a great admiration; sense la seva contributed jo no hauria writers.

The majority of those who attend the event will be reconnected at the moment, it is tractava d'autores de gran vàlua i savis per extensió. In the most ancient case, the opinions and observations, of undeniable erudition, will be maintained with fervor and indisputably during segles. Currently, in many cases, they romance in a discrete and unjust obliteration and it has been an honor for me to rescue them and to admire the seva work.


The sentit d'aquestes biografies s'entén bé if the fragment arrived that Jeann-Louis-Marc Alibert, one of the founders of French dermatology, is going to write in the introduction of the seva work Dissertation sur les fièvres pernicieuses ou ataxiques intermittentes, published l'any 1807: “I do not doubt that the people who came after me, added some els that I have reunited, as well as mateix, I have added those who will go to work in the works of the meus antecessors. The sciences are not complete more than the work of the observers that is successful in the duration of the segles, and it is not donated to a home only to fully deepen a qualifying point of human connections ”.

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